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Welcome to The Teachers’ Loft blog, a virtual gathering space which compliments the work occurring in our physical loft space. The Teachers’ Loft was established to “alter the status quo of teacher isolation by inviting teachers to take part in local, collaborative, professional development.” And with this blog we seek to once again, “we provide a unique “third space” for teachers that is separate from yet complements the more typical venues for teacher learning.

This blog space is utilized for professional learning and collegial exchange. All posts are public and should respect the confidentiality of any and all persons, including students and families. Given this forum is designated for reflection and inquiry it requires professional language, conventional written communication and descriptive language. As an extension of the norms at The Teachers’ Loft, we ask all responses to be thoughtful and respectful. All responses should be insightful enough to encourage growth and offered constructively.

As this blog begins Waiting for Superman is opening in movie theaters around the country. Join us in an exchange about this representation of teaching and public schools in America today.

If you have questions or concerns, please email infoteacherloft.org.

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