Teaching All Students, Reaching Special Education Students

December 12th by teachers 9 Comments
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This past week we read Chapter Eight in Reeves, D. (Ed). (2007). Ahead of the curve: The Power of assessment to transform teaching and learning. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree Press about designated special education students.

Please post and identifying something new that you learned from the chapter be it a strategy, an operational assumption or some other theoretical or practice aspect of teaching students with designated special needs.

Then thinking about our discussions about the PPA and your own professional learning and growth, what does this chapter compel you to try or modify to meet the needs of all learners. Post enough to capture your thinking so we may respond. (Part Two)

Please complete Part One and Two by the end of December 14, 2010.

Please be certain to reply to each colleague’s post by December 21, 2010.

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