Teacher Educators & Policy People

The current climate offers many challenges to those of us trying to keep all students and their learning at the center of our work. We welcome opportunities to collaborate with people like you to address critical issues facing teachers such as:

  • HIGH TURNOVER: 33% of teachers leave in their first three years.
  • ISOLATION: Lack of support for collegial exchanges and inquiry that supports teachers and their learning over the career continuum.
  • STUDENT SUCCESS: Personal and professional well-being of teachers and our valuing their intellectual capacity as visibly related to student achievement.
  • UNDERFUNDED REQUIREMENTS: From well-intented induction requirements to the feverish need for accountability, every hour and dollar is stretched thin.

As recognized by Easthampton Mayor Michael Tautznik in 2003, the year we were founded:

“…Providing support and resources to classroom teachers in our primary education system is vitally important. I heartily endorse their focus on professional development for teachers and am confident that they will have a positive influence on pre-K to grade 12 learners.”

Contact us or request information about working to create new programming that meets the needs of today’s teachers while maintaining the core of teaching as intellectual work.

If you know of a teacher that would benefit from the support of The Teachers’ Loft, please let them know about us or let us know how to contact them directly.