School & District Leaders

We can assist you in meeting the Massachusetts Department of Education Induction requirements for your first-year teachers as well as meeting the requirement for the 50 hours of induction beyond the first-year.

Create a Site-Based Collaborative Group in your school, across your district or even by sharing the costs with regional districts.

Learn more about how we seek to work with you and use research to drive our programming.

Enjoy an introduction to what is possible for your teachers by working with The Teachers’ Loft as presented at the New Teacher Symposium in San Jose , CA.

See how we can work with an entire school of teachers to improve the culture and keep student learning at the forefront.

Uncertain you have enough teachers for a site-based collaborative group? Let us serve your teachers at our Holyoke location.

Contact us or request information and let us help you provide your teachers with such support that they not only feel but learn how to truly be more effective with the students they teach.