New Teachers & Teacher Leaders

New Teachers

You are invited to take part in unique professional development that attends to you as an intellectual and professional and values the talents you bring as part of the Next Educational Wave-the NEW teachers who will shape the future of education.

Go to our NEW Teachers’ Collaborative page to see the kind of support we can offer you during your entire first year of teaching.

Read Press about a former group of new teachers.

And since we know you count, let us count you in! Request more information or register on-line for a NEW Teachers’ Collaborative Group

Teacher Leaders

The Teachers’ Loft was founded by and for teachers so that you can have access to meaningful staff development that not only supports you through the year but contributes to your time in the educational profession. Join us and enjoy work you can apply toward your licensure by meeting the Massachusetts regulation for 50 hours of induction beyond the first year of teaching.

Go to our TIMELI page to see how we are working to help educators obtain their teaching licenses through an alternate pathway with Western New England College.

Or go to our Site-Based Collaborative Groups page to see how you can create the group you want and need, and fulfill your state required induction program or the 50 hours required beyond the first year for licensure. We work with new teachers, teachers new to leadership roles such as mentoring and entire schools or districts.

We can even arrange for you to earn graduate credits as you go.

Read the words of fellow teachers as presented at a national conference concerned solely with having today’s capable teachers become tomorrow’s teacher leaders.

Contact us or request information and let us connect you with the support you deserve.