NEW Teacher’s Collaborative

As experienced classroom teachers in elementary and secondary settings, we know that preparing to become a teacher is an on-going process that extends beyond securing licensure. We believe that opportunities where beginning teachers can talk with each other and reflect in a supportive setting are rare and yet essential. Our primary mission at The Teachers’ Loft is to promote dialogue and inquiry among beginning, preK-12 teachers in the Pioneer Valley.

Through this collaborative group, The Teachers’ Loft seeks to provide new teachers like you with the space, opportunities and experiences that:

  • Promote your own continued learning, individually and with peers;
  • Connect you to the hopes, ideas and desires that brought you to teaching and will continue to sustain you as an educator;
  • Support each of you in understanding how you can continue to be stewards of your own professional growth;
  • Address the known and recurring first year challenges.

Please join us! Download the PDF for additional information regarding dates, times, and directions for upcoming sessions. Let us keep you informed — request information to stand up and be counted!

What to expect from the Next Educational Wave (NEW) Teachers’ Collaborative 2008 – 2009

As a group we collaborate by:

  • Being present at our monthly meetings
  • E-exchanges at our secure blog space
  • Attentively listening to each other about daily challenges
  • Offering feedback about areas of interest and inquiry
  • Engaging in shared activities such as presentations or writing
  • Respectfully maintaining confidentiality

At each meeting you can expect:

  • A snack and an inviting, comfortable space
  • Dedicated time for each of us to voice the immediate, most pressing issues, frustrations, struggles and concerns as well as naming for ourselves something(s) that is/are going well, that we feel good about and is helping sustain us in our teaching practice
  • Reflective Writing on Bi-weekly Readings
  • Colleagues who listen and respond thoughtfully and with empathy
  • A Practical and Inspirational Reading
  • Time to focus on exploring a particular teaching issue that benefits all group members, while also supporting one individual’s inquiry project
  • Confidentiality

Can others join us at anytime?

Potential members are encouraged to come anytime during the fall semester. Please let us know you are coming by contacting us at or 413.221.0111.

Group dynamics dictate that the more interactions we have with one another the more comfortable we will be with each other, which is why we may not be able to accept new members after December.