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Learning from Community and Professional Literature

It was wonderful to hear how your inquiry projects are developing.  And I know some braved snow for a work session last night.  When we meet again on January 18th we will all have the Context Study ready to share out and distribute (power point or in text).  Please remember the following:

-Tell us (via your power point or in text) what we need to know about the context in which you work.  More formal demographics of the community, school and district culture, resources and highlights in the community as well as the parent user perspective and more publicly accessible information.  As we listen on Tuesday, we will be certain to tell you what more we feel we need to and want to know as “outsiders”.

-Use the professional literature to further your own understanding AND identify what important aspects of your inquiry topic we all need to know to support you as colleagues. (Your ppt or text document should include this.) Please bring enough copies of one article to share with us.

We will post as many of these resources as possible here after the 18th.

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