Western New England University Visit Website

TIMELI program launched in summer of 2013.  Find out more or apply now for summer 2014.

Enchanted Circle Theater | Visit Website

As of Spring 2006, we are thrilled to share physical space in Open Square with the Enchanted Circle Theater, an educational theater that has been enriching the lives of children and teachers in the Pioneer Valley for the past 30 years.

Prospect Center for Education and Research | Visit Website

This fall we are honored to have the writing of our teachers in Teachers’ Voices: A Multi-Year Collaborative published in the Prospect Review Prospect is a unique organization with a 40 year “commitment to observation and description as the ground for teaching and inquiry” that has inspired several generations of teachers to trust their own knowledge and advocate for children.

Western Massachusetts Writing Project | Visit Website

Through our collaboration with this like-minded organization, teachers can earn graduate credits for their work at The Teachers’ Loft and utilize them as elective credits toward earning their Certificate in the Teaching of Writing.

The Center School | Visit Website

During the 2003-2004 and 2004-2005 academic years, The Teachers’ Loft had the unique opportunity to work with the majority of the teaching staff at The Center School and selected teachers from the S.T.E.P and Springdale Educational sites. The opportunity to work with teachers from one educational institution underscored the possibility for positive school culture, while pursuing individual professional learning needs. A testimonial note from these teachers can be found on a 2005 Teachers’ Loft brochure about site-based collaborative groups.

Westfield State University | Visit Website

In order for The Center School teachers to earn credit toward their licensure, The Teachers’ Loft collaborated with Westfield State College in 2004 to offer the course “Inquiry-Based Learning for the Classroom Professional.” The core of this course was the work that took place at The Teachers’ Loft with complementary assignments to complete the course. In that same year, Westfield State College opened the Center for Teacher Education and Research.

Teacher Education and School Improvement Program | Visit Website

This doctoral program of study at the University of Massachusetts Amherst College of Education brought Paige from an elementary classroom in New York and Jennifer from a high school classroom in Massachusetts. Both compelled by the mission of the doctoral program “to prepare graduates to take informed, reflective and active leadership in school improvement through teacher education and professional development” Paige and Jennifer joined in a new inquiry that became The Teachers’ Loft, a collaborative work that was intellectually supported by the faculty and fellow students they found at UMass.